Interesting Waterfowl on the southern quarry pond of Roßstadt

Caspian Gull
Caspian Gull

Already on my way to the parking ground I detected numerous geese feeding on the fields. Altogether it had been 96 Canada Geese and 21 Egyptian Geese. Of course the lake was even more interesting. Apart from the usual Great White Herons, Cormorants and Gadwalls, also 6 Greater White-fronted Geese could be seen. Concerning the white forehead they all must have been adult individuals.

Aside the sandbanks and where the water is deeper, mainly diving ducks are present. Immediately I get aware of a small group of Goosanders. Next to them another Merganser is floating, but it shows a white zone on the wing, which makes the identification as Red-breasted Merganser quite easy.

Also the Goldeneyes are still very conspicuous, especially the males, which are still displaying.

Altogether this has already been a successful day, but it should come even better. Just as I was walking back to the car, I detected a group of flying gulls over me. It must have been about 12 individuals, though the most were Yellow-legged Gulls with at least two individuals in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winter. However also two Caspian Gulls had been part of the small flock.

In all a very profitable trip!

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