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    Birding Franconia (Montag, 12 August 2019 18:09)

    The only site where guided tours are offered is the Altmühlsee (each Wednesday and Sunday at 4 pm). You can easily access the site by train from Nuremberg (takes roughly 1 1/2 h). However all tours will be on german. If you need further information, please feel free to contact me (

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    Rajeev (Montag, 12 August 2019 17:08)

    My name is Rajeev and I would like to know if there is any group that goes for bird sighting or photography to the location near Nuremberg on weekends. I would love to join such event.

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    Birding Franconia (Sonntag, 09 Juni 2019 17:31)

    Thanks a lot for your comment! Normally, it is possible to walk on all paths drawn on the map all around the year. At some places there are indeed seasonal restriction, but as far as I know they all are mentioned in the corresponding site description. However, it depends from site to site, if it's advisable to use the bicycle. If you'd like you could send me an e-mail ( and I can give you more detailed information on particular spots.

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    Knut & Maria Johannessen (Sonntag, 09 Juni 2019 15:30)

    Guten Tag!
    We are going to this region in the mid of June, and found your excellent web page!
    Thank you indeed!
    But, what about the restrictions in entering the area? Can we walk/bike the paths you draw on the maps, or are they closed except for autumn/spring?
    Please excuse us writing in english!
    /Knut und Maria Johannessen - Schweden

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    Nick Lethaby (Mittwoch, 21 November 2018 22:29)

    Very nice site. I go birding in Bavaria on business trips and hope to visit some of the sites you describe here. I have been to Brombachsee, Rothsee, and Altmuthsee, but not any of the others.

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    Jan (Mittwoch, 06 Juni 2018 16:33)

    I feel like your website is really good because. You have inspired me to go to the birdwatching sites you recommended and I have seen birds that I would never have dreamed of being in Franconia. For example a Purple heron in morhof weihergebiet and a curlew at Altmühlsee.