Black and White on ice


Today I visited the "Baggersee Roßstadt Nord" for the first time. It´s quite similar to the nearby "Baggersee Roßstadt Süd", which is still in the district of Bamberg. It had never attracted my attention till a Slavonian Grebe was seen there last year.


Since most of the lakes were frozen, I thought, a lake, that´s obviously attractive for grebes, should be profitable. Unfortunately it was partly frozen like the other lakes nearby too. So I didn´t see many birds, though some interesting species like Smew and Goldeneye were still lingering here. To watch the male Smew next to a pair of Goldeneyes and a Great Crested Grebe in front of the partly frozen water was a great spectacle. However, the birds remained in the distance and so most of my digiscoping-pictures don´t have a good quality.

Finally I could observe a flying Stock Dove, my first for this year. Usually I would have awaited it in four weeks.


Overall an interesting afternoon!



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