Ortolan Buntings near Schweinfurt

Normally I´m writing of sightings of the local area, but today I had the possibility to report something from a more distant site.


The Ortolan Bunting is truly remarkable amongst the Buntings, not only because it is rather demanding in choosing the habitat, but also its melancholic song sounds very different to all the other Buntings of Central Europe. The most interesting fact about the Ortolan Buntings in Franconia is, that it is isolated from its main distribution and is singing in an own dialect, the "Franconian Dialect". The status of this striking Bunting in the district of Bamberg is unfortunately unclear and so I went about 50 kilometers west of Bamberg to the district of Schweinfurt for observing Ortolan Buntings.


I tried an area between Grettstadt and Sulzheim and finally found 4 singing males and two presumed females. Unfortunately I was not able to take any pictures of the desired Buntings and could only record its superb song. You´ll find a recording below


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