Back from Austria

For two weeks I´ve been in Austria and could observe more than 100 species.

In the last days I was already birdwatching here as well. My first destination was the surrounding area of the Porznersee to look after the River Warbler. Unfortunately the "normal" path is at the moment not passable and so I had to take the longer variant. Afterwards I´m confident that this variant does also have its advantages: Apart from several Skylarks, Nightingales and Common Whitethroats I could also spot a very late Bluethroat.

On the sandbanks of the Porznersee fortunately also some of the local waders were feeding: An adult Lapwing, two Little Ringed Plovers and a Common Sandpiper.


After half an hour I finally reached the Riparian Forest, already on the first meters I detected Cuckoo, Marsh Warbler and Common Nightingale, but no River Warbler. Unfortunately I didn´t have much time and had to turn around soon afterwards. On my way I could observe juvenile Garden Warblers and Green Woodpeckers, also the Golden Oriole was singing. Finally having reached the lake again I feared that the River Warbler from my last visit had just been a late migrant. It took a while, but then the monotonous song raised from a nearby tree. The singer itself however remained hidden, though there is no doubt that it was a River Warbler.


Altogether a fantastical start after my holidays.


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