Bird Migration on the "Kreuzberg"

Coal Tit
Coal Tit

Watching Bird Migration is always an interesting spectacle and to enjoy it a few things have to come together: A place with a good view, a spotting scope and good weather.


The perfect location for observing migration near Bamberg is most likely the "Kreuzberg", at least I don´t know of any better place. Since the weather was nice as well, I thought I could have a nice morning up there.


And I was not disappointed: Dozens of Tree Pipits, five Red Crossbills, four Ortolan Buntings and numerous Swallows were migrating westwards within the first two hours. Afterwards migration calmed a bit down due to the harsh winds.


Altogether I could observe 49 species, though the most were resident in the trees and bushes like the Coal Tit in the picture above. Nevertheless I was quite pleased with the result and I would like to do this on a regular basis.


On the map below you can see the location of the Kreuzberg and of the small water house near Bischberg, which I´ve used over the last two years for observing bird migration. The latter however does have a few disadvantages, most importantly that the distances are too big from there.

View from the Kreuzberg

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