Autumn goes on

Black Redstart
Black Redstart

A few hours ago the weather hadn´t looked comfortable, but suddenly the sun came out and dipped the world into a golden light, perfect conditions for photographing birds.

Arriving at my usual site near Bischberg I detected several Siskins and Chaffinches flying over low. Another highlight was this showy Black Redstart, which you can see on the left. Apart from that I focused on the small passerines passing through the bushes hoping for a highlight like a Yellow browed Warbler. As it turned out, this had been a wise decision not because of a rarity or something similar, but for some nice pictures. Especially Jays were coming quite near to my lens. Unfortunately I didn´t have time for something else, so these were the only birds I saw.

If the weather would stay stable just until tomorrow, I could perhaps do a migration count.

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