Mission Woodpecker - failed

Yesterday I said that I was going to go to Kronach, in order to see the Syrian Woodpecker, which is to my knowledge the first record of this species in Germany. And so I took in the morning the first for me possible train and finally arrived at 1 pm. To that time anything looked still fine and the sun was shining brightly. Nevertheless, soon afterwards I met the first birders who had also come for the woodpecker (the most travelled more than 300 kilometers) and I was told that it didn´t look good for seeing the hoped for woodpecker.


In fact a group of birders had been able to observe the woodpecker in the morning until 09:30 am, after that it flew away to the small river nearby and couldn´t be found again. However giving up was no option and so all birders were wandering through the streets looking and listening to what might be the searched for woodpecker. To make the story short, we weren´t able to locate the woodpecker and so I left the small town a bit disappointed at 15:12 pm.


Perhaps the elusive woodpecker turns up again and I can give it another try then.


Update (29.01.16, 19:30): Obviously the bird was found again between 4 pm and 5 pm, congratulations to all who stayed longer in Neuses than I did (although I didn´t have much of a choice). This means that I´m perhaps one of the very few birders who failed to see that woodpecker. What for a painful day!

female Bullfinch (apparently the only photogenic bird of Kronach)
female Bullfinch (apparently the only photogenic bird of Kronach)

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