A little bit of birding

The last few days were quite eventful and I was really surprised that I had been able to go regularly out birding, although the weather had proven to be difficult in this period. It all started on Friday with harsh easterly winds, a grey sky and a bit of rain. As the weather hadn´t looked very promising in advance, I decided just to visit the Sander Baggersee, where I didn´t need to walk far away from the car. However there were almost no water birds on the lake apart from 12 Goldeneyes, a Yellow-legged and a Caspian Gull. So I was further on able to make a detour to the "Großer Wörth" hoping to see perhaps even my first Lapwings of the year, but my favourite site turned out to be a blank, which was very shocking as this hasn´t been the case for almost two years.


Having therefore been tired of waterfowl I visited after that only sites, where I was absolutely sure to see the birds I was hoping for, e.g. the Luisenhain. On these walks I found mainly park- and woodland birds, which I really like to observe, although they are not easy to photograph. Generally, the most song birds have already started to sing again, most conspicious are of course the various woodpeckers, but also Chaffinches, Blackbirds and Tits are now rather striking. Additionally, the first Woodlarks and Song Thrushes have reached the district of Bamberg and it certainly won´t take too long until the first Chiffchaffs appear in the region. Regardless of this, spring has almost arrived.


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