Complete Set of Spotted Woodpeckers

I hope that all birders agree that there is no better way to enjoy a sunny and wonderful afternoon than to go birding, especially when you have a site like the "Luisenhain" nearby. As I´ve visited the latter quite frequently over the last weeks and posted regularly about my sightings there, I think it´s not necessary to write much about my walk, because the species list isn´t very different to the one of my visit before that.


Nevertheless, today I want to highlight a special bird for me, which I finally succeeded to observe: the Lesser Spotted Woodpecker. Of course it wasn´t my very first, but this individual was the first which I could actually "observe". In comparison to its larger brothers it´s less conspicious and furthermore restricted to areas with deadwood, which makes it a lot trickier to find. So I was really pleased to watch this gorgeous male drumming and feeding in the trees. Since the light was already fading to that point of time, the quality of my picture isn´t as good as I had hoped. Perhaps next time ...

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