Gulls Revisited

Although it is considerably warmer than a week ago and the ice on the rivers and lakes is melting, the gulls in the harbour of Bamberg remain the most interesting ornithological subject at the moment. Today I hoped to find the ringed gull again, which had recently been discussed intensively and is now identified as Caspian Gull. However there were much fewer gulls than on my last visit and just a couple of large gulls. Even though I scanned the area carefully, I couldn't find it.


Nevertheless, it was yet a sucessful day, as I caught up with two Herring Gulls (1x ad and 1x 1st winter), a 3rd winter Caspian Gull and surprisingly with a 1st winter Great Black-backed Gull. The latter certainly is the individual that had been observed for several weeks on the Porznersee and has now obviously moved to ice-free harbour.

Great Black-backed Gull
Great Black-backed Gull

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