Bird Migration in full swing


Almost instantly after the weather improved and already gave a hint of spring, bird migration set in with full strength. However this first good phase ended rapidly with a sudden drop of temperature resulting in a spectacular fall-out. Especially, in the surrounding area of Bamberg hundreds of Thrushes, Lapwings and Golden Plovers had been forced to rest. Sadly, just in this time I was busy in the Altmühl-valley and had no chance to get there. Nonetheless, I spotted some interesting birds there as well.



Particularly, a visit of the Altmühlsee in the end of March has been very productive, although there weren’t any rarities. Yet I could enjoy my first Marsh Harrier, Garganeys and Firecrests of the year next to masses of ducks and geese. There were at least hundred Teals and Wigeons, which is a very great amount for Southern Germany. Surprisingly, the most numerous species was the Greater White-fronted Goose, which was present with more than 500 individuals. Normally, I see just single birds in the winter. So, all in all I spent a nice afternoon on the tower hide of the lake.


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