Wader Migration starts

In the last two weeks I've focused my attention on the Main valley between Lichtenfels and Bamberg and could witness the first signs of the now starting wader migration. The most parts of the german inland aren't particularly good for observing waders and Franconia is unfortunately no real exception. Nonetheless, at some suitable sites the chances aren't bad for spotting at least a collection of common species. In the above mentioned area these certainly are the Mainverlängerung Unterbrunn and the quarry ponds of Trieb at the moment.


I've mixed experiences with the first of these two sites, which are perhaps best described as long and dull weeks unpredictably interrupted by few but excellent days. My last visit there illustrates this difficult situation well. On the one side large sandbanks are exposed, which means there are good resting conditions for waders, yet the only one I could find was an Eurasian Curlew. So the number and the variety of waders were both disappointing. However in the same time it was my first Curlew I've ever seen in Upper Franconia. Facing the theoretically suitable circumstances this site should definitely be visited more regularly. Who knows what shows up there on a really good day.


The quarry ponds of Trieb have instead developed to a truly reliable place. On every of my current trips I've always been regarded with waders. As in the weeks before there hasn't been anything special, but views of Lapwing, Little Ringed Plover, Green, Wood and Common Sandpiper were virtually guaranteed. Furthermore Night Herons were a regular encounter from the hide in the last days. It's likely that they've bred somewhere nearby. So we'll see what the autumn brings next.

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