A few snapshots from Lake Como

A blogpost about the birdlife of Lake Como definitely seems a bit off topic for a website dedicated to birding in Franconia. Nonetheless I've decided to not be so strict in this matter, as I'm convinced that it will add some variety to it. I've spent a whole week on the western shore of Lake Como, which is in the NW of Italy. Although I wasn't there for birding, I spotted some nice birds now and then like Crag Martin, Alpine Swift and Short-toed Eagle. The area certainly has potential for being a good birdwatching destination, mainly because there are so many different habitats reaching from wetland areas to the stony peaks of the surrounding mountains.


However when I checked the website www.ornitho.it for current observations, it looked to me as there were pretty few active birdwatchers. Even the single site of national importance, the reserve Pian di Spagna north of the lake, is apparently seldom visited. The beautiful area contains large reeds and meadows and is according to the local information panels a chief breeding site of rails and herons. Furthermore during migration seasons hundreds of resting birds can be expected, since two major migration routes meet at this place. As the first two weeks of August are neither breeding nor migration season, my visit of two observation facilities was understandably disappointing. Probably, the situation will look different in a month or two. 

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