Wader Migration at the "Mohrhof-Weihergebiet"

Originally, this blog post should look slightly different. I wanted to demonstrate, that the “Mohrhof-Weihergebiet” is still an excellent site for resting waders despite the weak numbers over the last years. At first, it seemed that all conditions for a perfect birding trip were fulfilled: an early start, splendid weather and an overwhelming greeting of diverse bird calls. Immediately, I started to check the first ponds, where I instantly found some Greenshanks, Ruffs and Spotted Redshanks. So far it hasn’t been bad at all, yet as I proceeded, the situation got worse from pond to pond. I had to admit to myself that there weren’t any more waders. Normally, I would have been pleased with the result, however if you compare it to the reports on ornitho.de a few days ago, it’s extremely disappointing. At least 10 different species had been recorded then including the scarce Curlew Sandpiper for example.



Nonetheless, it wasn’t a total failure. On the contrary, Osprey and Purple Heron showed both well but short. The bushes were packed full with birds, mostly with Chiffchaffs and Reed Warblers. And on a small pond I eventually caught sight of a Spotted Crake as it moved along the reeds. This was the first time I actually saw this difficult species. So, in sum it definitely wasn’t a bad trip. I just hope that last week hasn’t been the last peak of wader migration. At least, I hope so.


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