The "Brombachsee" is part of the "Fränkische Seenland" like the "Altmühlsee". Since it is much bigger than the latter, it stays even longer ice-free and is therefore the perfect destination for observing any kind of waterfowl in the winter. In the summer however it is frequented by many tourists and attracts not many birds during that season of the year. All observation points can easily be reached and are signposted. Normally all car parks are for free In the winter.

Target Species:


Black-throated Loon, Caspian Gull, Greater Scaup, Red-breasted Merganser, Red-crested Porchard, Red-necked Grebe, Red-throated Loon, Smew, Velvet Scoter, Wigeon, Yellow-legged Gull



By Car: The perfect starting point for a tour around the lake is the small town "Pleinfeld". You reach it via "Hiltpoltstein" and "Heideck" when leaving the motorway A 9 at the exit 56 "Hiltpoltstein".


If you come from the north (motorway A 6) take the exit 57 "Roth" from the motorway A 6 (Heilbronn - Nürnberg) and follow it all the way to the exit "Pleinfeld Nord".

By Public Transport: Some towns at the southern shore have a station, but you won´t get to the northern shore without using a bicycle, which is not recommended in the winter. It is better and a lot more comfortable to use a car.


When all observation points are combined, the order as described here is best.


Freizeitanlage Allmannsdorf (A):

Leaving "Pleinfeld" to the north in the direction of "Stirn / Brombachsee Nord" you´ll come after a while to a junction. Turn here to the left towards "Allmannsdorf". Shortly afterwards you´ll reach the parking ground for the "Freizeitanlage Allmannsdorf" on your left hand side. From here you have good access to the lake.


Freizeitanlage Pleinfeld Süd (B):

Return to the road towards "Pleinfeld" and follow it until a signpost for the "Freizeitanlage Pleinfeld Süd" appears on your right hand side. Following these signposts you´ll reach a big car park at the lake after 1,5 kilometers.


Observation spot near Ramsberg (C):

Leave "Pleinfeld" to the west in the direction of "Gunzenhausen (Altmühlsee)".  After approximately 6 km turn right in the direction of "Ramsberg" and once again immediately behind a railway underpass. Keeping always right on the "Dorfstraße" you reach after a few hundred meters the end of the street (where also the "Pension Zottmann" is situated), where you can park. From here the shoreline is just a minute away.


Leisure facilities near Ramsberg (D):

Going back to the centre of the village turn right to the "Leitenbuckstraße", which leads you directly to the big leisure facilities at the shore. There is a big car park at the edge of a forest on your right hand side, from where a road runs to a small marina. If you follow the street further on you'll reach the railway underpass [see C)] again .


Kleiner Brombachsee (E):

Return from C) and D) to the road connecting "Pleinfeld and "Gunzenhausen" and go on for another 6 km. Turn here right in the direction of "Absberg" and follow afterwards the street through the village "Rehenbühl" and along the "Kleinen Brombachsee" on your right hand side. Immediately after you've passed the latter there is a car park on your right hand side.


Seespitz (F):

Finally having reached "Absberg" look out for the multiple signposts towards "Freizeitanlage Absberg Seespitz". Following these signs you´ll come to another car park after almost 2 kilometers. From the nearby dam you have a great overview of the lake.


Igelsbachsee (G):

A last viewpoint is reached when going from "Absberg" in the direction of "Stockheim". After a while you´ll cross again the lake (this part is called "Igelsbachsee"). Immediately afterwards a small car park is located on your right hand side.



(A) [49°8'3.07"N  10°57'43.04"E]

(B) [49°7'9.65"N  10°57'55.94"E]

(C) [49°7'9.37"N  10°56'24.96"E]

(D) [49°7'18.17"N  10°55'37.18"E]

(E) [49°8'12.78"N  10°52'9.15"E]

(F) [49°8'21.65"N  10°53'54.20"E]

(G) [49°9'12.01"N  10°53'4.88"E]


Christoph Moning, Christian Wagner: Vögel beobachten in Süddeutschland, Stuttgart 2012.