Former military training area - Bamberg


July is perhaps the most unspectacular month for birdwatching: Only very few migrants and the most birds being quite unconspicious then.


So I was not suprised that my visit to the area of the former casern produced not many birds. In fact almost no bird was showing in the forest, only a juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker could be seen. A bit more conspicious were the Red-backed Shrikes often sitting on the tops of bushes. Altogether I could observe five individuals, though two must have been a pair. Since I had no other motives, I spent some time making pictures of them. The backlight however didn´t make the situation any better.


When I finally wanted to go back, I spotted a raptor circling quite low over the trees. It turned out to be a male Honey Buzzard. This attractive species can be seen here on a regular basis, though today it was showing only for a few minutes.


For a July-trip this was not a bad result after all, but I´m looking forward to August and September.

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