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News · 24. Juli 2015
More than a week has passed since my last blog post. The simple reason for that is that were absolutely nothing which would have been worth mentioning. Well perhaps the 112 Egyptian Geese which I had observed at the Röckelein quarry pond last Sunday would have been. Nevertheless today was a bit more exciting, since I visited a site, which I had neglected for a long time, though it would have taken me only half an hour to get there with my bicycle. I´m speaking of the "Kreuzberg" near...

News · 12. Juli 2015
In July all geese in the valley of the river Main are counted, at least in the section from the district of Bamberg to the district of Haßberge. Altogether today almost 600 geese could be seen, the most being Canada Geese and Greylag Geese, but also some Egyptian Geese. Further highlights were the colony of Sand Martins at Oberhaid and the cooperative Little Bittern at the "Großer Wörth". Quite interesting was also the high number of waders at the sandbanks of the "Großer Wörth", at least...

News · 10. Juli 2015
July is perhaps the most unspectacular month for birdwatching: Only very few migrants and the most birds being quite unconspicious then. So I was not suprised that my visit to the area of the former casern produced not many birds. In fact almost no bird was showing in the forest, only a juvenile Greater Spotted Woodpecker could be seen. A bit more conspicious were the Red-backed Shrikes often sitting on the tops of bushes. Altogether I could observe five individuals, though two must have been a...

Tawny Owl
News · 05. Juli 2015
Yesterday a Tawny Owl had an accident with a car. Fortunately it had recovered very fast and so it could be released today. Unfortunately the light was quite poor in the forest and therefore the quality of the picture is not the best.