Nature Reserve "Lange Rhön"

Well, the website has been online for almost three weeks, but it has  been more or less a move from the old provider to the new one. This blog post is the first "new" content. 

I had spent a few days outside of Franconia and so I can only report from a stop in the nature reserve "Lange Rhön" at my way back. The interesting mountain range hosts an unique birdlife in Central Europe, which is worth to be recommended. I hope that the detailed site description will soon be available via "Birdwatching Sites".

As I arrived at the parking ground coming from the village "Ehrenberg" in Hesse thick fog was engulfing the landscape. Perhaps not the best conditions for birdwatching, but the greyish fog dipped the hills in an interesting light. Since I had not much time, I only went to the "Heidelstein", which is located only two kilometers from the parking ground. Already on the first meters interesting birds could be seen like Common Redstart, Bullfinch and Siskin. Finally passing through a forest with dozens of Coal and Crested Tits I came to the viewpoint, which wasn´t so rewarding because of the fog. On my way back it got interesting again when Red backed and Great Grey Shrike were both showing well.

Afterwards I returned to Bamberg.

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