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News · 31. August 2015
Today I spent three hours birdwatching at Haßfurt in the "Mainaue Augsfeld". First stop was the "Großer Wörth", which is quite often and so this morning too the most interesting location there. From the observation tower I scanned the reed belts of the proximate "Sichelsee", but only a single Kingfisher could be seen. The bigger lake looked a bit more promising, since huge sandbanks were visible at the opposite shore because of the long-lasting heatwave of the last weeks. And indeed, the...

News · 30. August 2015
For a few days I had been in the "Bohemian Switzerland" and so I wasn´t able to keep this website up to date for this period. Even though the main attractions were not birds, I could still make some pictures, which you can see below. The low mountain range offers spectacular rock formations and a varied landscape. And even from an ornithological point of view the region is anything but boring.

News · 26. August 2015
In 2014 the US-Army left its last garrisons in Germany. Besides Bamberg also Schweinfurt had had some importance, the military training area "Brönnhof" at least had been the third-largest of the US-Army in whole Europe. Apart from the complexes of buildings in the north of the area the whole site is accessible for the public by now. Especially interesting from an ornithological point of view are the huge open areas. A good starting point for a walk is the small village "Pfändhausen" 10...

News · 25. August 2015
Today I had only time to make a detour to the airfield of Bamberg. Generally not many birds showed up, but at least the hoped for Tawny Pipit could reliably observed on the open area. Apart from that there is not much to report. Only the migration watch on the Staffelberg is worth mentioning. The sunny weather however caused that the expected raptors were circling so high, that I was not able to see or even identify them.

News · 18. August 2015
Well, the website has been online for almost three weeks, but it has been more or less a move from the old provider to the new one. This blog post is the first "new" content. I had spent a few days outside of Franconia and so I can only report from a stop in the nature reserve "Lange Rhön" at my way back. The interesting mountain range hosts an unique birdlife in Central Europe, which is worth to be recommended. I hope that the detailed site description will soon be available via "Birdwatching...