Tests on Pied Flycatchers

Recently, while I was browsing my blog archive, I realized that I unconsciously tested all new parts of my equipment in the Luisenhain. Strikingly, my main motives have always been Pied Flycatchers, which certainly are one of the most attractive species breeding there. After the Tamron 150 - 600 mm (although not mentioned in the article) I returned in the next year to test the Nikon P900 and now I did the same with the Nikon D7200. Despite of the fact that I can't have enough pictures of Pied Flycatchers, the site has many good qualities of a testing area. On the one side the light situation is very difficult over most of the time and changes often quickly, which brings the camera to its limits. On the other side it offers nice motives, which are furthermore confident and allow short distances.


Generally, I'm really pleased with new Nikon and comparing it to the results of the recent years, there definitely is an improvement visible. Below I've uploaded a small selection of the best shots, which are however reduced to a width of 2400 px.

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